Can License Metrics Help Your Team?

Brien Posey recently published an article about “5 Reasons Software License Tracking Hardens Your Organization” for IT Pro Today. Our team could not agree more.

When new licenses are purchased or renewals negotiated, it is incumbent on the manager to have good historical and forecast data. If the manager is new, they may have no data, may not have access to the previous negotiation history of contractual entitlements.

Without contractual documents, discount agreements, PO’s, payment schedules, geographic entitlements can all sit-in different IT document systems making it difficult to build a complete picture, or worse, be locked/lost when a manager leaves the company.

Therefore, you must centralize and share all Vendor and usage data, but with ability to set access permissions. With this, a new manager can pick up where the old manager left off.

He also talks about the importance of innovation. We have recently had many discussions at TeamEDA about the need for innovation and that companies must adapt and think about the best ways to innovate to survive and flourish in this challenging time. How can engineering teams innovate and optimize their processes?

Overall, Brien has many tips and great overview. Make sure to check it out!

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