Do You Know What Licenses You Have?

A crucial part of successful budgeting and cost reduction for engineering licensed assets is knowing what licenses your organization has. Would you be able to easily know and report on the type and number of licenses you have? Is your spreadsheet with that information growing too large and you are looking for an easier solution? Our License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring can help you make this process so much easier.

In addition to making systems more effective, asset management is also very important at this stage for compliance with Software vendor contracts. Companies must have a strategy for Compliance Audits (Software Vendors) and Quality Audits such as ISO9001. An easier compliance process helps to ensure that specific licenses are only used in certain countries (WAN/LAN) or restrictions on license borrow features.

Knowing accurately what licenses are used involves understanding both the number of licenses as well as features and add-on purchases. A manager thus needs to understand information about:

  • Vendor
  • Disciplines
  • License Type
  • Purchase Type
  • Restrictions on Use
  • Responsible Person for complete asset management

In addition to the general knowledge about licenses, usage data is crucial as well. While many tools may have some of this built-in, many vendor-provided tools are very limited. Tools like LAMUM are thus crucial in terms of their extensive reporting of both historical and current Checkout information and trends. Learn more about LAMUM’s best-in-class functionality and how it can help you better organize and optimize your licensed assets here.

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