Do You Know When Your License Renewal Dates Are?

Would knowing license renewal dates in advance be helpful? With our expiration alerts, knowing 30 or 60 days in advance, when a license is coming up for renewal gives you time to:

  • Analyze your needs based on actual, average, trends, and Denials, and
  • Prepare your negotiating position with the Vendor. Being well prepared could save you a lot of money! This will also help you establish priorities.

Are you responsible for managing CAD inventory, maintaining Vendor, Contacts, and renewal information, generating reports on demand, setting up and maintaining User Dashboards, setting up Alerts and Batch Reports, managing FlexLM daemons, preparing recommendations for renewals, managing Feature names (aliasing), etc. The task list can be quite extensive and is there a way to make it easier to manage this information? A tool like LAMUM can help you save time and money, with many of our clients saving an average of 20% on EDA software).

What are the applications you would like to monitor? Are there specific ones the engineering team is constantly asking about additional licenses? Are there other software products that the team does not use as much?

Would you also like to prove the value of buying additional CAD / CAE software? Without reporting, you may lose out on additional savings without using a monitoring tool.

What about budget adjustments? Would not it be nice to be well prepared for the budget season?

The more value you can get out of LAMUM by knowing what you own (License inventory management), improving license usage efficiency, by proactively managing renewals, by preparing better for your renewal negotiations, by improving license uptime and availability.

Our reports can show you Renewals with the following information:

  • Expected renewal cost by Vendor for any time period
  • Expected renewal cost by Application/Tool
  • Expected renewal cost for all Vendors for any time period

LAMUM has great functionality and value. Of course, the more functionality you use, the greater the value. The cost of LAMUM is the same regardless of how much functionality you use.

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