Knowing What You Own

Do you have a license Asset Management system? A good License Asset management system begins by having an accurate idea of:

  • What you currently own
  • How/when you bought it
  • Its cost
  • Its restriction of use
  • And its expiration date

Once you know these, it becomes easier to make decisions in the future – for example, if you need more or less, or a different kind of License. What are the engineering business objectives? What tools have been especially helpful over the years? Are there some that the team is consistently asking for? Could they be a good replacement for current tools that are not used as much? Can you move from an expensive WAN Global to a LAN? LAN to Node-locked? Is there a way to consolidate servers? Reduce total count?

Knowing the “contractual” obligations by reviewing the licensing agreement(s) would also be considered good management practice. Many CAD Managers have never even seen, let alone read the Licensing Agreements.

A snapshot of our Usage Overview

LAMUM allows you to track CAD/CAE and other license inventory with all related information, including:

  • Vendor
  • # seats
  • PO
  • Restriction of use
  • port@host
  • Expiration date
  • Persons responsible for that Line Item.

It will also be nice to see Inventory by:

  • Responsible Person
  • By Vendor
  • By Discipline
  • By Expiration date, etc.

LAMUM provides this and is a full featured CAD/CAE License Inventory Management system. If you have more than 25 engineers and 3 Vendors you need LAMUM!

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