Managing Engineering Software’s

Engineering software, including CAD (Computer Aid Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), EDA (Electronic Design Automation), is critical to the Engineering department. How can your engineering department optimize your licenses and reduce costs?

Some of the highest costs in Engineering departments after staffing costs are the Engineering Software tools (CAD, CAX, FEA, CFD, EDA, PDM/PLM, etc.). Engineering departments typically spend $250,000 per year per 100 Engineers. Make sure you are optimizing these expensive software assets by using our LAMUM license intelligence platform to inform decision making for renewal negotiations.

Engineering software is licensed uniquely, controlled uniquely, used uniquely, and is very expensive. Most engineering software is shared so monitoring checkouts, deciding between node-locked, LAN or WAN is critical in managing the balance between cost and availability. Compliance is another concern, especially for a large industrial companies or Defense Contractors. We have built a solution that addresses these issues.

LAMUM is a software product and a “methodology”, which represents “best practices” in this area. LAMUM was created 12 years ago and represents 12 years of refinement towards the perfect tool for managing Engineering software assets.

How is Engineering Software Different?

Business software management vendors focus on the business software management problem. The statement that all software is the same is blatantly false. That’s like saying one screwdriver is good for all screws! They may not understand the different License daemon types, Current Checkouts reporting requirements, or any of the Usage reports, or the difference between a Tool and a Feature. A few other key aspects include:

  • Checkout Heatmap
  • Denials Heatmap
  • Concurrency Graph
  • Reports – Denials, Zero-usage, Averages

You can learn more about this in our White Paper – “Managing Engineering vs. Business Software’s.

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