Engineering Software Asset Optimization

The last couple of months have been a challenge for companies big and small. Engineering departments around the world are trying to figure out the best ways to manage and contain costs and meet ever-changing demands. Many know just how expensive engineering software could be and want to make sure that educated decisions are made when purchasing licenses. Could a license monitoring solution help your company address some of the following challenges?

  • Eliminate duplicate software licenses while reducing costs
  • Smarter decision making, planning, and reporting
  • Ensure right-sized software spend (better visibility into over- and under-subscribed software licenses)
  • Stronger vendor negotiations
  • Achieve license compliance

While spreadsheets are great, they are no longer practical in having visibility into license ownership or renewals and maintenance contracts. Spreadsheets become quickly inaccurate (with staff and other changes) and take time to update and maintain.

A system like LAMUM can be very helpful in saving time and money. Managers can also quickly compare existing asset inventory data with requirements. Usage monitoring tools help with a feedback loop to monitor if these licenses are actually being used.

Ask us about how LAMUM can help you gain visibility and control over your software assets and optimize your IT costs.

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