It’s 10 PM. Who Checked Out the Engineering License?

It’s 10PM, and you need to use one of the engineering licenses (Autodesk, Ansys, Siemens NX, Creo or any other tool). There is an urgent need to either make modifications for a current project or design something new. Or there is a need to cut expenses quickly or adjust the engineering spend.

Who are you going to call? You don’t want to bother the rest of the team in the middle of the night (whether through text or phone calls). Wouldn’t a license monitoring tool that could identify long license checkouts help make this easier? Read our blog post to learn about understanding current checkouts.

In addition to looking at usage, you can also quickly take a look at all the current assets (renewals, POs and other documents) to make better educated budget decisions .

You learn that “Joe” is using the tool, you quickly send them an IM or an e-mail and/or ask your manager if you could checkout the license instead. You accomplish what needs to be done, while also letting the rest of the team spend time with their families.

Or a similar situation can happen for companies who are working in different time zones, where the U.S. team may be sharing engineering licenses with colleagues in APAC, EMEA or other regions. Our tool also offers heatmaps to know when different engineering licenses are used how much. This could also easily help with reporting.

Read our Aerospace Case Study to learn more about how a customer configures their licenses for such a situation.

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