Reports With LAMUM

LAMUM is a very useful usage reporting tool that engineering teams can use to have a more detailed view on license utilization, bottlenecks and requirements. Companies can look at the reports to see general trends as well as more specific detailed analysis.

Engineering teams have liked a number of reports such as:

  • Real time/current usage overview
  • Historical charts
  • License Denials

Do you know who has Autodesk, Creo and Solidworks licenses checked out and for how long?

LAMUM helps teams keep track of hundreds of licenses many large teams own. Engineering teams can also look at the best ways to share Vendor information including contacts, purchases, renewal dates with other managers. The usage information helps teams decide if they truly need more or less licenses.

LAMUM also saves companies time to avoid manually determining how many licenses are in use for any given product.

You can learn more about our reporting functionality here or check out this blog entry on how usage reports work and their configuration.

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