Are Engineering Licenses Causing Bottlenecks & Slowing Down Your Team?

As a manager, you’re in charge of many aspects of your department. Are you and your team spending your time effectively? You know you need to be prepared for and anticipate the ever-expanding expectations. In the current economy and state, it is often a a greater challenge with many unknowns. What could be helpful is to have an easy to use tool where you can see all the reporting. Can you use your FlexLM licenses in a smarter way?

Better manage engineering teams on time and within budget.

By looking at usage, you could notice if employees are not able to work efficiently because they may not have access to needed tools. This could, of course, lead to bottleneck and slowing down. Do you want all of your employees to be able to work at maximum efficiency? Is there a way to cut down on unproductive hours?

In today’s fast-paced and digital business world, managers must think about digital transformation. With automated reporting, you will save a lot of time and hassle, while increasing your team’s productivity and effectiveness. Effective planning can empower you to adapt to any unanticipated speed bumps. What bottlenecks are causing your team to slow down development work?

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