Daemon Manager & FlexLM

Did you know that about 80% of floating license types are FlexLM? How are you monitoring FlexLM usage?

Many Vendors use FlexLM to control checkouts for their applications. The daemon is what monitors and limits those checkouts. With the Daemon Manager it possible for you as the administrator to have more control over your licensing environment with license servers located all over the world, from our tool, from anywhere in the world.

LAMUM to actively monitoring those daemons by issuing a lmstat command every 5-60 minutes (depending on each customer’s environment) and making sure each license server and daemon is active, and to collect current checkout status of those licenses.

Being able to control these daemons, manage License and Option Files, start/stop/restart daemons remotely, gives you as an administrator more oversight and flexibility to manage and monitor your engineering software licenses, and assure availability.

Daemon manager allows you to control FlexLM daemons from the LAMUM console. The following functions can be performed:

  • Manage daemon information, including the associated License and Option files, and Debug Logs
  • Start, Stop, Restart or Delete daemons
  • Edit License or Option files
  • Reread License or Option files
  • View/Edit Debug logs

Daemons can be entered either on the LAM side of LAMUM, during Line Item port@host entry, or directly into the Daemon Manager Overview page at “Add Daemon”. TeamEDA recommends adding the daemons on the LAM side during port@host entry.

Read more about this in our White Paper section.

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