Do You Have Licenses That Have Been Checked Out for Months?

Did you know that unused engineering licenses could be costing you thousands? Just think about all of the wasted money that your department may have invested in. This is especially crucial right now when smart decisions about these investments are even more important to consider.

Are your engineers hoarding engineering licenses?

It is important to look at the license checkout times. On average, engineers could be checking these for a couple of hours. When you see that engineers have had licenses checked out for months, this could be a red flag that the licenses may not be used fully to their capacity.

Would you like to see if multiple licenses are checked out? Or would you like to see inordinate long engineering software checkout times? Would you also be interested in having the ability to remove checked out licenses (with appropriate permissions)?

Would you also like to see who the user that is holding the engineering license is? LAMUM can help you have that visibility.

Make sure your management team is spending engineering funds wisely.

When you notice these small ways that the team could be using engineering software better, you can quickly notice how and where your team can save resources. Contact our team to schedule a demo or trial and we could show you where you can save.

Wondering how much you are wasting? We have tools that can help you. With LAMUM, your team will be able to see a wide variety of utilization and software asset tracking software.

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