Hiring Talent? Look at Existing Engineering Software Inventory

Look at Existing Engineering Licenses Before Buying more – Don’t buy more licenses than you need.

This past week, there have been a number of defense companies announcing major hiring events. Managers need to understand current usage trends and inventory levels to make educated decisions.

How can companies save on existing licenses?

One of the easiest ways is consider implement staggered staffing or shift usage time. Consider having your team start at different times, so that everyone can use tools. This will help with ensuring better utilization. Look at the current capacity levels.

Avoid wasting expensive company resources. Just because your organization might be bringing more talent, don’t assume you automatically need to purchase expensive engineering licenses. In fact, you may not need to. You may already have enough licenses. Historically, we have been able to save companies about 20% on their current engineering licenses.

When looking at the current inventory, consider looking at usage by job function. For example, if you are hiring more talent on the electrical engineering team, look at the electrical engineering tools (EDA Programs: Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics and others) or if you are bringing people in other groups, look at those related tools i.e. mechanical ones (CAD) or analysis (FEA & CFD).

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