How Much is Your Company Spending on Unused Engineering Software?

A CIO article reported about a study that highlighted that “U.S. organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software over the course of a four-year study.” Does your company spend money on engineering licenses that the team does not use? How much is your company and engineering team wasting on these unused resources?

To gain competitive advantage, many teams are collecting and analyzing as much data as possible. However, sometimes there is so much data and it is unclear how much value is behind this data. Are you sure your team is drawing the right insights from your reports? We have found that often faulty data makes teams counterproductive and leads to wrong conclusions. Our team is proud that our data is 100% accurate since our solution is proprietary.

Managing who has which licenses and reporting on what they are actually using has traditionally been a time-consuming process of manually retrieving and compiling data. Our tool helps managers save time by having quick and easy-to-use reports. Save your resources by optimizing your processes. With next-generation enterprise-ready data virtualization, our reports make it easy to see all the reports as well as prepare further reports for upper leadership. Consider consolidating the reporting of your engineering asset information in one place.

Monitoring and measuring engineering software usage and asset data will allow engineering managers to make better educated decisions of how to best invest in expensive engineering licenses. Managers can also use historical asset and usage data to see, in near real-time, see changes in usage to determine any decisions that need to be made.

There is constant pressure for IT to reduce cost and do more with less especially in these challenging times. Is this one of your priorities or KPIs this year? How can you maximize the value of your engineering software? Learn how engineering licensed asset management saves top engineering companies 15 to 20% on their software costs year-on-year,

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