In Startup Mode & Trying to Organize Your Engineering Team?

Was it just yesterday that your company was part of a small incubator trying to get initial funding and now you have a team of 25 or more engineers? Tomorrow, you might be facing a merger & acquisition, planning your exit strategy or planning to grow the business even further?

Do you know how many engineering licenses your team uses or truly needs on a daily basis? Sure, the process was easier when you just had a couple of people on your team and you could look across the room. Now that your business has matured –  management of CAD/CAE/EDA & PLM licenses will become more critical for maintaining productivity and controlling costs.

What if there was an easier way to see which engineering licenses are being used by the team? (Hint: there is – check out License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring).

When funds are tight in the beginning stages, make sure you are making the most of your investment!

Even if your team still seems on the smaller side, imagine how far your organization will grow. The investment is relatively small, but the return on your investment will be fairly big – from saving time, resources and opportunities to spend your time more effectively.

Ask us how LAMUM can be essential tool for your engineering team!

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