Influencing Engineering & IT Software Purchases

There has been a long-standing conversation of who is responsible for purchasing decisions for the needed software engineering and R&D teams need. Should it be high-level leadership like CIOs or more of the functional units themselves?

Of course, it is valuable to understand the needs of an organization. This can be done by listening to the team. However, it’s also important to have data to back up decision making. This is where a license monitoring solution could come in and demonstrate the needs of the team quantitatively over a historical time frame. Our team often suggests looking at renewal dates of your contracts and starting with a trial to monitor software and be able to see how your team is utilizing expensive company resources.

Many companies have needs for a very diversified talent pool working in a variety of functions at different levels of the product lifecycle. A tool like ours can help companies look at each level and see what the teams are doing.

Often, there is a discussion of who has control of the engineering budgets vs. who influences decision making. If you have factual reports and data, you have a better opportunity to ask for a greater budget if you could show the need of the licenses. There has also been a trend of digital business transformation.

  1. Tech Review Process – This is a great time to look at the overall budget and look at the current vs. future needs.
  2. Highlight the various tools capabilities and how they are compared with other tools.
  3. Be transparent and compare ROIs – This is where reports are helpful.

Our experts are ready to answer your questions about FlexLM reporting and engineering license tracking. Reach out today and ask about our 30-day free trial.

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