Innovating While Monitoring Engineering Applications

Many companies are challenged with the question of “How do you innovate?” In our recent blog, we talked about innovation.

Today’s world is becoming increasingly dynamic with a wide variety of tools. How can you keep up with ever-evolving and changing environment? The digital industrial revolution is here.

How can you stay competitive while reducing costs? This is where an engineering focused license management tool can help. The engineering team needs their software (CAD, CAX, EDA, PLM, Simulation, Analysis and others) to be able to do their job successfully. However, that is also where the company’s biggest expense is next to staffing costs.

Would you like to see if the engineers are actually utilizing the tools that companies are spending resources on? Would you like to make sure that your engineering team has access to the engineering tools to be able to continue innovating, reduce bottlenecks in utilization and make the most of engineering tools.

You are using a mix of tools throughout the whole process from design, testing, measuring and maintaining. Would you like to see more visibility/transparency of how much engineers are spending time on each stage?

Our LAMUM software, that has been developed and improved over the last 16 years, helps companies look at utilization and sends various alerts to engineers and managers. Our license monitoring tool also helps companies look at the best way to adapt to changes. Read more about right-sizing your engineering software.

Our tool can also help you stay agile and make modifications as needed. The reporting and data can help you make better educated decisions.

You want to focus on your customers and accelerating innovation and not on the administrative challenges of making sure there are enough engineering licenses for your team.

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