Saving on Engineering Software – Adapting During These Changing Times

LAMUM can save engineering teams on an average of 20% per year in CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM costs, money that you are already spending, but unnecessarily. Yes, you will have to spend a little for LAMUM, but you will save a lot. ROI is greater than 1,000% (ask our team and we can show you the math).

Engineering IT asset management reporting tools are helpful in evaluating the following and making better decisions:

  • Do your current engineering software licenses align with your business objectives?
  • Can you benefit by preparing better before renewals?
  • Where are there potential cost savings?
  • What are the expectations for future usage?
  • Are the denials real?

Every 100 engineers requires $250k per year in Engineering software. Spending $5k to save 20% of $250k ($50k per year) is simply a good investment.

Buying more CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM licenses because some engineer said he could not get a license is not good practice. Denials occur for many reasons other than simply running out of licenses.  We can show you when and why Denials are occurring.

Why continue to renew engineering tools that are not being used? Being better prepared to negotiate renewals with vendors can save 5-10% of the costs.  LAMUM will help you be better prepared. That is happening, and we can show you where.

A tool like LAMUM can also help you:

  • Improve utilization of the software that you already own
  • Improve engineer’s productivity and identify training needs
  • Centralize and share Vendor, Contacts, License Server, and Renewal information.

Of course, you may be wondering “how is it possible to save that much per year in CAD / CAE / EDA / PLM?” The free 30 day trial will allow you to see where the savings will come from. You can use the reports generated by LAMUM to convince your management on the importance of having LAMUM.

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