Zemax Recommends Using TeamEDA to Monitor & Manage License Usage of Their Products

TeamEDA (License asset and monitoring platform for Engineering tools) and Zemax LLC have collaborated over the last couple of months to integrate Zemax OpticStudio, LensMechanix, OpticsBuilder and OpticsViewer licenses into the LAMUM monitoring engine.

“Customers may wish to monitor and report on how Zemax licenses are being utilized in their network, including maximum number of licenses used at any given time.”

Read More on MyZemax.

Do you have Zemax license you would like to monitor? Let us know.

Confirmed with Zemax

LAMUM has been tested and is confirmed to work correctly with Zemax products.

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LAMUM from TeamEDA is now recommended by Zemax to monitor and manage license usage of Zemax products providing detailed usage information and insights.

To start your free 30 Day trial and understand the value LAMUM can provide to your team, please contact TeamEDA here.

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