Applying System-Engineering Approach to Your Engineering Software

We have discussed the complexity of product development in our blog before – of how much various software is involved and how different teams use it differently. For example, a recent article in Electronic Design looks at the example of launch vehicle (and the various subsystems).

A system-engineering approach helps streamline, achieve more efficiency, greater quality, and overall timeliness. This is where TeamEDA can come in. We can help you gain a better oversight of your engineering software. You can see better how your team is using expensive engineering software. Traditionally system-engineering includes:

  • Well-defined steps
  • Requirements analysis
  • Strategies to meet the iterative requirements
  • Design
  • Verification and validation.

The engineering needs:

  • Understanding the overall requirements
  • Identifying different subsystems and components
  • Broader specifications

In the example of the launch vehicle, consider:

  • Propulsion
  • Vehicle structures
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight mechanics
  • Navigation, guidance and control (NGC) systems
  • Avionics
  • Stage auxiliary systems
  • Thermal systems
  • And much more.

Is your team familiar with all the software the various departments are using (CAD, CAX, EDA, PLM, Simulation, Analysis and many others)? Would you like to see better reports and alerts? Talk to our experts today to gain better transparency.

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