Automating Costly Manual Processes

Your team may have had basic processes for managing licenses over the years. But how well are you managing these licenses and at what level are you on the engineering software license asset maturity index?

Is there a way to automate costly manual processes of managing renewals and looking at how the engineering team is using the needed tools such as Autodesk, Catia or Siemens PLM? Did you know that there is an easy to use tool that you can view many types of reports on to have better visibility and transparency for your engineering license management process?

Analyzing and thinking strategically about your engineering licenses will help to ensure you can see areas for improvement and / or license you don’t need to invest in anymore.

This will help you cut costs, save money, time and resources as well as have a better understanding about your internal processes at the same time.  

Make sure you have a full understanding of:

  • Which software your team / company is using
  • How it’s used
  • If/how they are driving business value and productivity

Using a tool like LAMUM can help you gain a better understanding and make better decisions about how to look at the engineering software spend.

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