Being Proactive vs. Reactive in Engineering License Management

Address Key Engineering Software Asset Management Pain Points

There have been some conversations in the news this week about key pain points in engineering Software Asset Management (SAM). What are the biggest challenges your organization has? (See article in CIO Applications).

The benefits of an effective engineering SAM system include

  • Clear license position.
  • Being audit-ready – Are you prepared for external software audits?
  • Avoiding penalties for non-compliance
  • Optimizing software procurement & expenses
Complexity of Engineering Software Environment
  • How complex is your organization’s engineering software?
  • Is new software being added / deployed?
  • Are there engineering assets that the team no longer uses?
  • Are you aware of the license changes when software versions are updated?
  • Are you clearly keeping track of compliance and utilization levels?
Being Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Know your license position ahead of time.
  • Minimize risk of penalties.
  • Avoid having excess or too few software licenses.
Simplify Engineering Asset Management
  • Identify installed software products.
  • Match installed engineering software products to existing software licenses:
    • Current licenses available.
    • Demand planning.
    • Reduce software purchasing costs.
  • Produce reports and dashboard views.

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