Can You Save Valuable Engineering Resources?

Can engineering software management help your company make smarter business decisions.

The pandemic has forced many companies to face budget cuts. Is this a good time to consider how your company is using expensive engineering resources? Can you save money on your engineering licenses?

LAMUM can help you be proactive in controlling procurement and usage of your expensive engineering resources. Ask us how we can help you save 20% on expensive engineering software.

Are your engineering employees using all the tools available?

Having all the needed information when negotiating contracts is crucial. This is where our License Asset Manager is so helpful.

But do users who have licenses actually use them?

Avoid wasting money on technology that is not being used. Take a look at our Usage Monitoring side of our product.

  • Which software applications are needed and being used?
  • How frequently are these tools used?
  • Is there a reason why certain engineering tools that the company has invested in are not being used?
  • Are there any idle licenses?

Take a look at our rightsizing guide to make better decisions about your engineering spend.

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