Create A Data-Driven Culture: Optimize Your Engineering Resources

Looking to better understand how the engineering and R&D teams are using engineering software? Increasingly more companies are having open conversations about data-driven analytics and decision making. Is your company or organization working on better monitoring engineering licenses?

Data about engineering software usage can help company leaders make important data-driven decisions. It’s important to consider the best ways of capturing and reporting on meaningful data about engineering spend and license usage (whether it’s CAD, CAX, EDA, PLM, Simulation, Analysis and many others).

Having such data will help teams and leaders make decisions about the best ways to learn and improve when they are using expensive software tools and how to best manage and navigate their schedules.

How Can Managers Improve their Data-Driven Cultures?

  • Make sure the data is highly visible – for example, we have seen many organizations set up dashboards where these reports are easily accessible.
  • Be smart about reports –  Avoid unnecessary reports and spreadsheets and use a tool like LAMUM that will help your organization save time and resources.
  • Changing mindsets – Be open to looking at data about usage in different ways – Your team may be using engineering software differently than you thought.
  • Remain engaged, involved and excited about the transparency and accountability

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