Engineering Software License Optimizaton: In-House Solution or Trust an Expert?

Do you have the tools needed to optimize your engineering software applications? Many companies may be running their own scripts. Read our whitepaper on this topic – License Asset Manager vs. Do It Yourself / Home-Grown Solutions for License Monitoring.

Considering writing your own scripts and think you will save company resources? Remember that there are associated opportunity costs. Would not it be easy to just hire technical experts who have built a comprehensive solution over the last 16 years?

Moreover, since License monitoring is not your core competency, developing a solution anything like ours would be close to impossible. We have invested a lot of resources, spoke to many customers about their needs and our solution has evolved over the years. We are proud of LAMUM today.

Make sure your team is prepared and knowledgeable. One of the challenges we have heard those who have written their own scripts is that they have lost hours if not days of work caused by automatic crashes. Something that you could have potentially avoided with a well-developed engineering license monitoring tool.

It’s also crucial for users and administrators to feel comfortable and secure. Do you know which applications are actively used vs. idle? Monitoring the actual true usage of applications is important and will help to ensure better effective management of resources. LAMUM can also help set up various user levels and permissions. Our reports are also very helpful here.

Contact us to learn more and see if we can help you better manage your expensive engineering resources.

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