LAMUM Best Practices: Best Historical Usage Reports

There are many reports available in LAMUM. This guide will walk you through them. We recommend determining with your management about which reports are most useful.

Current Checkout Reports
  • Realtime data
  • Who has licenses checked out, and for how long
  • Catch hoarders and those with multiple licenses
  • New :8182 ‘Restricted View’ (9.3)
Historical Usage Reports
  • Patterns of checkouts and Usage over time
  • List of Users in a given time period
  • How close to capacity are you running?
  • Usage Trends over extended periods
  • Chargeback/Allocation reports
Types of Historical Usage reports in LAMUM
** Reports that take longer than 15 seconds should be setup as Batch reports

Delivery Options
Feature Usage Graphs
  • By Tag > Feature,
  • Any time period
  • Dynamic, turn off unneeded graph elements
  • Save as .jpg image
  • Multiple Features Graph
  • Same Tag, multiple features plotted in same graph (up to 6 features)
  • Also available as a Multiple Features Table
  • Multi-view Graph Set
  • Up to 8 graphs from same Tag
  • Batch only
  • Visualize Checkout behavior 24×7
  • Predict day / time when Denials may occur
  • Visualize Denial occurrence 24×7
  • Useful for:
  • Engineers
  • Multiple time zone licenses (WAN-Global)
  • Only for short periods (< 1 month)
  • Save as .jpg
User Detail reports
  • By Tag > Feature
  • Understand who your Users are for given Feature, in a given time period
  • User Details: review all Tools (features) used by a selected engineer, in a given time period (Performance Appraisal?)
  • Individual usage ‘%’ for given Tool, Time
  • Export to Excel
  • Chargeback by User
Group Usage
  • Table of Usage by Groups
  • Graph of Usage by Group/Feature
  • By Tag > Feature
  • Group Details: review all Tools (features) used by all engineers in a selected Group, in a given time period
  • Group usage ‘%’ for given Tool, Time
  • Export to Excel
  • Chargeback by Group
Creating Groups
  • Interactive method
  • Off-line method (Excel import)
  • Active Directory method
  • With auto-sync (9.3.1)
Concurrent Use Graphs
  • By Tag > Feature
  • 24×7 (if WAN Global Users)
  • M-F 8-5 (if LAN Users, same time zone)
  • How many Floating Licenses do you need?
  • % of time at each actual level of
  • Concurrent use
  • Maximum number of concurrent checkouts
  • Determine “Probability of a Denial”
  • Save as .jpg

Important to review before “Renewal”

  • FlexLM
  • Flex Debug Log, by Tag
  • Need unobstructed access
  • May need to set up a rotation cron
  • Debug Log must be read/write
  • Set up Flex Denial Parser
  • DSLS
Denial Reports
  • Denials Overview (across all Tags)
  • Filter on Denial Code
  • Denials by Tag > Feature
  • Heatmap Graph
  • Denials History Graph
  • Denial Details for all Users, for given Tag> Feature, and time period
  • Denial Details for specific User

~5% Denial probability is acceptable

Zero-use reports
  • By Tag
  • Comprehensive (across all Tags)
  • What features have not been checked out
  • Look for features that cost extra money!
  • Do engineers need training?
  • Copy to Engineering Manager
  • Export to Excel

Great monthly or quarterly Batch report

Multiple Graph Set
  • 9.3
  • Batch only
  • Up to 8 Graphs per set, per Tag
  • Usage Graph
  • Top 10 by Count and by Duration
  • Heatmaps: Checkouts and Denials
  • Concurrent-use: 24×7 and M-F 8-5
  • Users Overview
Features by Tag
  • Batch report only
  • Selected Features by Tag – Graphs
  • Selected Features by Tag – Tables
  • All used Features, by Tag
  • Comprehensive (across all Tags)
  • Total Usage Time, in given period
  • Average Checkout Time
  • Useful for setting up “Long Checkout Alert”
  • Average number of concurrent Users
  • Number times at Max

7-day On-demand, or Batch for longer periods

Combined Feature Reports
  • Only if same Tool is offered on multiple License Servers
  • Combined Feature Graph
  • With Feature use Total line
  • Combined Feature Table
  • Colors can altered

On-demand or Batch for Graph report, Batch for Table report

Multiple Feature Reports
  • Up 6 Features, same Tag, plotted together in a graph, for given time period
  • With Feature use Total line
  • Correlation of use?
  • Colors can be altered
  • Up 6 Features, same Tag, with all User
  • Details in a Table, for given time period
Delivery methods
  • Interactive
  • On-demand (Favorites; User Dashboards)
  • Batch (Email; Folders) (must be set up in advance)
Reports that take longer than 15 seconds should be setup as Batch reports.

Meet with management and show all the reports available. Choose the report. Choose a time period. Choose delivery method. Create a list. Each Manager will be different!

  • Weekly (last 7 days, arrives Monday)
  • Monthly (last 30 days, arrives 1st day of calendar month)
  • Quarterly (last 90 days, arrives 1st day of calendar quarter)
  • Yearly (last 365 days, arrives 1st day of year)

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