Ready for License Negotiations? Make Sure You Have the Data You Need

At TeamEDA we assist global companies with license usage analysis for Engineering Software (CAD, EDA, Simulation, Math, etc.) and assist them in identifying costs savings, on average 20% of their annual license spend.

We are proud to have helped many companies choose LAMUM (License Asset Management and Usage Monitoring) software to track user ratios and global location usage of their engineering software products, in preparation for license negotiations. The data and insights gained from LAMUM are instrumental in companies having access to critical data for future conversations and decision making.

Talk to a TeamEDA representative today or launch a complimentary 30-Day trial, to see how your business can improve license efficiencies, save on administration time and make cost savings with LAMUM. 

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LAMUM tracks and manages network floating licenses for a large number of software providers and license daemons (FlexLM, Reprise, Sentinel RMS, HASP, LM-X, etc.).  Please get in touch for a short demo to learn more about our solution and the amazing ROI our customers have experienced.

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