Budget Constraints? Better Decision-Making for Engineering Software Spend

Are you facing budget cuts or constraints this year for your R&D team?

Have you been putting off the analysis of your AutoCAD, GIS, CAD, CAM, Simulation, EDA, PLM, etc. license performance?

Everyone is feeling the pressure of budget cuts and constraints. Are the expenses adding up? Can you cut down on expensive engineering software licenses (CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, and many other Design, Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis tools)?

LAMUM helps you meet your budget reduction goals. Our tool helps companies figure out exactly how many engineering licenses they need. They can then use this information for their own predictive modeling to assess future engineering needs.

When are your software renewal dates coming up? Ask us how your organization can save money!

If the renewals are coming up this spring, now is the time to think about a tool that can help you with better decision making as well as:

  • Tracking / reporting / monitoring license denials.
  • Chargeback reports
  • Rightsizing / upsizing engineering departments
  • Engineering software accounting
  • Better utilization of existing and new resources

We help companies in every engineering vertical unlock 20% savings – which puts much needed money back into the R&D budget for other critical activities. A 5 minute call or 15 minute demo will show you the immediate ROI for your department. Get in touch now.

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