Engineering SAM as an Active Business Practice

Many think of SAM (software asset management) as a glorified spreadsheet for listing licenses and vendors. Instead, SAM could be an active business practice that involves maximizing budget savings by actively controlling and monitoring procurement, entitlement, utilization and the deployment of software licenses.

With our LAMUM solution, we provide a SAM capability for storing all the information about your purchases, license numbers, vendor information, purchase orders and alerts for critical renewal dates. This information allows for inactive metric reporting.

The other half of our LAMUM solution provides Active Reporting methods for floating/networked engineering software licenses. Our customers typically use a combination of historical trend lines, average use, concurrency graphs, zero-use information and denial reports in conjunction with our alerts and batch reports – to build a picture of where licenses can be optimized and savings made. It provides a data-driven view to inform license renewal negotiations.

Contact us today for a short demo and to discuss how LAMUM can provide you insights into your license estate. Without active monitoring, the cost of Engineer Software licenses can easily spiral out of control.

We help 100’s of companies in all industry sectors actively manage their license ratios and gain huge savings on their existing software. They also minimize costs and disruption as they are always audit ready and can show a compliance position when vendors get in touch for audits.

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