Goals & Benchmarks for Engineering License Optimization

How does your team currently monitor and manage the plethora of engineering software (CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, and many other Design, Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis) licenses? What are your goals for 2022? Speaking to many engineering managers, we have come across the following focus areas.

Key goals and benchmarks our customers have asked about:

  • Tracking / reporting license denials
  • Chargeback reports (unbiased)
  • Under utilized CAD / CAE / EDA licenses
  • Overspending (need to trim budgets)
  • Rightsizing with rise and fall of engineering departments
  • License asset and renewal management
  • Usage Data Accuracy
  • Correct interpretation of best-in-class usage reports
  • Getting competent Support, in a timely manner
  • License asset and renewal management

And, more specifically by job title, for CIOs:

  • License compliance
  • Audit readiness
  • Reduce organizational spend


  • Reduce spend
  • Address renewal management
  • Better chargebacks

CAD Admins:

  • Increased visibility of engineering software usage – Live view, port 81/82, URL, daemon manager, alerts

Our LAMUM platform is a niche engineering software SAM solution. Our tool provides all the reporting and alert information needed to check on license feature usage, measuring adoption, identifying training requirements and which would be good key users for upgrades.

The tool also helps identify licenses that are underutilized and areas where you could get better ratio optimization. Often resulting in big license cost savings.

Learn more about Solutions by Different Job Functions.

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