How Engineering Software Asset Management Can Help Cut Costs

Managers are consistently looking for cost-cutting measures to ensure the longevity of their organizations. Regardless of how long the current pandemic lasts, managers must think about how their teams are spending engineering resources (CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, and many other Design, Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis tools). Read our blog post – “Right-sizing Engineering Software During Staffing Changes” where we address some considerations.

Managers and CIOs anticipate tightening of budgets for headcount, IT projects, and software. LAMUM can help with managing engineering assets and help managers make better decisions. Managers need to have:

  • Engineering software asset visibility – full view of their IT estate (what they own, what’s being used effectively, etc.)
  • Developing a more cohesive, cost-efficient IT estate.
Questions to consider:
Two topics:
  • Toxic consumption is the unnecessary use of resources due to poor visibility. Make sure your team is actually using the resources you have spent money on and reduce incur unnecessary costs.
  • Bill shock is poor capability planning leads to costly and unexpected bills. Managers must be able track and trend the usage of their cloud estate.

Having a system to save resources could not only help engineering departments save money in the long run but also save jobs.

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