In-Depth: Current Tab Explained

Current Tab
  • Features being monitored
  • Other Tabs – Tags, # of Licenses, # Licenses in use.
  • Track Reservations on licenses and Queued Licenses
  • Usage percentage:
    • Green: below 80% capacity (Total Licenses for feature)
    • Yellow: Over 80% capacity
    • Red: Over 90% or 100% capacity
  • Display the ability to dive deeper by selecting the Feature name (Hyperlinked)
 Current Usage Details
  • This will populate the same information present in the Organizational Unit of AD if synced.
  • This is an example of “Best Practices”, having several lines of communication (Email, Phone Number . . . etc.)
  • LMRemove or Remove button
    • Remove button: User’s need proper permissions to perform LMRemove
    • Having the extra levels of communication and also utilizing “Long Check Out Alerts” allows communication with the user before checking the license back in (or performing the LMRemove), this will cause the end user to lose all save work if performed.
Current Overview Gauge Display

Do you have a single live view of your Engineering software licenses? Using LAMUM, you can share our “Gas Gauge” view with managers and users, allowing analysis of which users are currently consuming the licenses.

We find that our customer’s CAD / System administrators have seen a large reduction in user license admin activities. As using LAMUM, users tend to ‘self-manage’ by contacting each other to access highly contested licenses.

Monitor usage almost in real-time to monitor: Tag Name (Port@Host), Capacity, users who have a license checked out, time a license has been checked, total time in use, revoke an over-checked out license and reminders.

The Gas Gauge display is extremely popular with Dept. Heads and Engineering Managers

This display auto updates and is commonly opened as a browser favorite and left open as an overview

  • Color indications
    • Green: Below 80% capacity
    • Yellow: Above 80% capacity
    • Red: Above 90% -100% capacity
  • You have the same ability to dive in, (Select the Hyperlinked Tag)

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