Optimize Your Remote Engineering Workforce & ROI

Research is forecasting that the “Office Environment” might not come back after the Pandemic. Most of the work force is working from home and this causes plenty of strain on the production process. See article from Pew Research.

The ability to talk with a co-worker sitting next you has now turned into email communication and time wasted. Ensure that your workforce does not have to compete for essential engineering licenses that slow down production.

LAMUM (License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring) delivers oversight which not only powers the ability to make data driven decisions, but also streamlines the organization of your engineering tools.

Be alerted:

  • When you hit capacity
  • Denials
  • Long durations, and
  • Customizable threshold alerts.

Know when and how your expensive engineering tools are being used and optimize your workforce and ROI.

Learn More: Borrowing FlexNet/FlexLM licenses for Homeworking

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