Set Up your Remote Workforce for Success

The Pandemic has caused all of us to rethink what can be considered normality. Ensuring your remote workforce is set up for success has become a true necessity. The past year has forced many companies to re-evaluate how the day-to-day operations are being managed with much of the work force working remotely. The insight needed to make data driven operational decisions is more crucial than ever.

TeamEDA’s LAMUM (License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring) gives control back to you and enables you to make data driven decisions that increase productivity and ROI. LAMUM not only helps our clients save 20% annually on licensing cost but also delivers optimal oversight to make data driven decisions

Engineers working remotely need dependable access to their crucial engineering tools more than ever. Get alerted when licenses are free, at capacity, checked out too long and are over allocated. Simplify engineering licenses and usage monitoring with LAMUM and increase production today!

Contact us to request a free trial of LAMUM and start gaining control over expensive engineering tools. You can also learn more by checking out our blog on Rethinking eSAM / eSAO Strategy

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