Trying to Meet Compliance Milestones?

Do you have compliance milestones your team is trying to meet? Are you looking for ways to optimize your discretionary engineering spend and make decision-making faster? TeamEDA can offer a single repository for monitoring usage.

If the estimate is overestimated: The company has paid too much up front. Will the contract allow for underutilized rollovers?

If the consumption is underestimated: The company could be faced with unexpected true-up costs.

Single view of entitlements & contractual requirements.

  • When new licenses are purchased or renewals negotiated, it is a new manager in place who no longer has access to the previous negotiation history of contractual entitlements.
  • Contractual documents
  • Discount agreements
  • PO’s
  • Payment schedules
  • Geographic entitlements

Ensuring you have an accurate compliance overview is essential.

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