Ways to Reduce Your Engineering Software Spend

Engineering teams around the world are being forced to re-evaluate just about every aspect of their spend and operations. For those who can ride out the storm, managers have important decisions that need to be made. Read more in article from Business 2 Community.

Here are a few considerations:

Software Licensing:
  • IT leadership probably doesn’t know how their current software stacks up to competing products in the marketplace
  • Compile all your commercial software licenses, including perpetual and non-perpetual ones
  • Compare and contrast current and future planned features of your software
  • Look at usage, user details, etc.
  • This will help reduce the costs of unnecessary software and renegotiate accordingly.
Capacity Planning:
  • The production capacity needed by an organization to meet its constantly changing IT demands.
Contract Reduction or Termination:
  • Using LAM can help companies see the termination clauses or renegotiation steps in their software contracts.
  • This could be a great time to renegotiate contracts.

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