What Are Your Goals When Trying to Understand Overall Usage?

Has your company been thinking about the best way to implement an enterprise software asset management solution? It sounds great for overall business management and support. But it can take years to evaluate (with appropriate due diligence) and then implement? You often also need a dedicated resource / administrator dedicated to the overall project.

What are your goals when you are thinking of implementing a new tool to consolidate engineering software assets, licenses, and vendor information and gain complete current and historical usage information (including zero-usage)?

But the engineering team really just need the usage statistics for its department? LAMUM is much quicker to implement and easy to use (often in less than an hour). Does the team really needs everything that’s in the SAM solution when really your department is responsible for how and what engineers are using?

With LAMUM, you can adapt an engineering software usage analytics solution quicker. Monitor the leading Engineering tools for CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, and many other Design, Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis tools.

With LAMUM, you can have access to much quicker analytics and quicker to make decisions. We often compare it to point solution vs. general solution? What are the goals your team is trying to reach and what is the best way to achieve them?

Another quick benefit is that with LAMUM, you don’t need agents / brokers running on servers.

For more information, checkout: Engineering Software License Management for Various Job Functions

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