6 Benefits of an Effective Engineering License Management System

Here are 6 benefits of an effective engineering license management system:

  1. Effectively and efficiently manage all CAD / CAM / CAE / EDA / PLM software license information and keys.
  2. Bird’s eye view of software license information, current / historical utilization, trends, license optimization.
  3. Reduce maintenance or migration from one license type to another.
  4. Customize weekly / monthly / quarterly on-demand and batch reports.
  5. Track true denials vs. denial claims exaggeration; save time and money.
  6. Save 15-25% of annual CAD / CAM / CAE / EDA / PLM software license costs – Huge payback ROI!

And here are 6 questions to ask when trying to save costs:

  1. What engineering tools are currently being used? (Look at the utilization reports.)
  2. How is your team managing expensive engineering assets?
  3. What’s being automatically renewed?
  4. Could expenses be cut by reducing number of licenses?
  5. What would you like to manage?
  6. Where would you like to start to get organized?

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