Batch Reports for Engineering Licenses

Would you like to receive regular reports (every week, once a month, once a quarter, etc.)? LAMUM will automatically create these for you in the middle of the night, and either send to you via email or deliver to a specific folder.

Setting up a Batch report in LAMUM is very easy:
  • Create the report you want and select the time period you would like to analyze (7 days for Weekly, 30 days for Monthly, etc.).
  • Click Create Batch Report, give the Report a User-friendly name.
  • Choose how you want it delivered: email or specified folder. That’s it!

There is no limit on how many Batch Reports you can set up.

Batch Reports can be:
  • Single reports (graphs or tables)
  • Multiple graphs for single tool
  • Selected Features Usage Graphs by Tag
  • Selected Features Usage Tables by Tag
    • Includes all User Details

(Tag is user-friendly name for port@host)

Feature Usage by Tag – Table/Graph

(A “set” of Graphs or Tables for selected Tools)

Allows you to Create Batch Reports for “ALL” or “Specific features” usage details for a given Tag and Time period.

  • A “set” of graphs for selected tools at a given tag
  • A “set” of tables for selected tools at a given tag
  • Created weekly, monthly, or quarterly, e-mailed or dropped in a folder

(Tag is a user-friendly name for port@host)

Multi-graph View Select

(A “set” of up to 8 Graphs, for same Tool)

The Multi-graph view is a batch report that provides a complete and comprehensive set of usage graphs for each daemon.

It may include a combination of up to 8 graphs, such as:

  • Heatmap (Checkouts)
  • Heatmap (Denials)
  • Top 10 Users (by count or time of checkout)
  • History graph
  • Concurrent use graph (24×7)
  • Concurrent use graph (M-F 8-5)
  • Group Usage
  • Unique Users Graph

These can be individual or combined and scheduled weekly, monthly or however preferred. This routine report is available as a downloadable .pdf that can be easily shared with the team or management.

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