Can You Improve Planning with Better Engineering License Management?

Companies use progressively more engineering software for their work. Does your company uses multiple products with overlapping features? As we have talked in our blog before, look at all the various engineering software assets your team is using. An engineering license management tool helps companies with better future planning. It is crucial for engineering teams to understand the actual engineering software and feature usage.

Knowing more about how engineering teams are using expensive software allows companies to:

  • Actionable data for better, data-driven decisions
    • Better budget planning
    • Better return on software investment (ROI)
    • Increased productivity and efficiency and keeping teams on the right track
  • Compliance management
  • Entitlement management
  • Collecting software asset information:
    • Who uses and is responsible?
    • How are FlexLM licenses and engineering software used?
    • Associated costs
    • Software license terms, conditions, renewals
  • Gain intelligence through:
    • Analyzing trends based on combined historic usage
    • Usage tracking as your team’s needs and usage change.
    • Right license types
    • Reducing duplicate subscriptions. Avoid multiple departments registering separately; or if an employee forgot to cancel a previous subscription. It can also be helpful to break expenses down by team, branch or department and automatically generate charge-back reports.
    • Having a clear and up-to-date inventory is crucial.

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