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Mergers, Acquisitions & Staffing Changes: Are You Ready?

Right now is a critical time for many companies to make crucial decisions about acquisitions, mergers and changes in staffing. As organizations are thinking about ways to move forward, it is becoming increasingly important to consider what engineering licenses are needed.

With the recent increase of both acquisitions and mergers, it can be a two-fold challenge at times. Corporate companies want to make sure that the companies they are investing have a system to manage all of their engineering licenses for greater visibility and transparency. The smaller companies are trying to learn how to show compliance, learn corporate structures and best ways to enter a new way of working.

In some larger companies, training departments are in charge of ensuring new colleagues are aware of the tools that the teams are using as well as ensuring that the employees are aware of the product suite available to them. They also oversee that these tools are used in compliance. Check out our overview of how LAMUM can be useful across the different job functions.

Ultimately, the training departments need to have a good idea of utilization, especially during the current ongoing pandemic. Managers could really see big savings here.

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