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Semiconductor Engineering recently released an article on the topic of “Analog Chip Layout: Creativity Vs. Deadlines.” It talked about the balance of high-end layouts and deadlines. We previously talked about this topic in our previous blog post “Managing Applications throughout the Engineering Product Life-cycle”.

There are also many iterations that may be required. Iterations in design may include:

  • Specification and validation
  • Architecture
  • IP design or IP integration
  • Circuit design (topology, sizing, area and quality requirements)
  • Specific design requirements
  • Customization parameters for designs, scripts and design flows

How can experts in design and electronic design automation (EDA) work on their specialties and allocate their time in their wisest ways? A tool like LAMUM can help engineers better understand their engineering utilization rates.

Ask us how your organization can save 15-25% on your engineering software spend.

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