Zero-Usage Reports

The biggest challenge for CAD/IT administrators is discovering licenses that are under-utilized or have zero-usage over several months. Running a report that shows a number of licenses that have not been used in the last 365 days, is a clear indication that you may want to negotiate a trade-in or even to stop paying maintenance!

It is certainly important to talk about what is being used, how much, by whom, etc. But it is equally important to look at what is not being used. The Zero Usage report does just that. It shows all features/tools that were not used in a specified period of time.

Managers need to know what is not being used as well as what is.

Managers need to consider the best ways to make decisions about:

  • Cost allocations and overall Engineering expenditure
  • Intelligent use of engineering resources
  • Spending restrictions
  • Resource distribution

Learn more about reports.

Discovering under-utilized or zero-use licenses

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