LAMUM vs. In-House Scripts & Tools

For most engineering companies worldwide, the cost of engineering software licenses is the second largest overhead expense they face. Despite the considerable investment spent on these licenses, their management and monitoring is usually done via in-house scripts or tools.

Managing engineering software licenses in-house can cost companies tremendous resources, as well as staff hours and infrastructure that could be allocated to the company’s core functionality. Apart from the opportunity – and financial – cost, these in-house tools often struggle to provide accurate and actionable data that helps companies maximize the efficiency of their licenses. In-house scripts also need to be regularly updated and debugged to ensure their functionality, costing even more staff hours.

You can learn more about LAMUM’s best-in-class functionality, and how it helps the world’s largest engineering firms save 15-25% on their engineering software license costs by contacting our sales team and requesting a demo today!

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