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Welcome to TeamEDA, a Veteran-owned and operated company based in Manchester, NH. We specialize in tools and consulting services for engineering license management and enterprise solutions.

TeamEDA was formed in 2004 by Guy Haas, a seasoned veteran of the engineering software industry, and also a veteran of the US military (USMC). The company was initially formed as a Value-Added Reseller for a number of high-technology software and hardware companies including Platform Computing (LSF), OpenIT, Tidal Software, Agnisys, License Dashboard, Univa, Rackable Systems, and SGI.

After three years, it became clear there was a strong need in the industry for a comprehensive license asset management tool that included a license inventory management system for both FlexLM and node-locked engineering tools, a vendor information database, a contact management system, and usage reporting system, that could be easily used and shared. So TeamEDA developed a comprehensive functional requirements document working with two large defense/aerospace companies and one large electronics company. TeamEDA then created a development plan and hired developers to create such a tool. License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring was initially released in 2007, and has evolved into a world-class, best-in-class solution for managing all aspects of engineering software license assets....to make you a better manager!

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