LAMUM vs. In-House Scripts & Tools

For most engineering companies worldwide, the cost of engineering software licenses is the second largest overhead expense they face. Despite the considerable investment spent on these licenses, their management and monitoring is usually done via in-house scripts or tools. Managing engineering software licenses in-house can cost companies tremendous resources, as well as staff hours andContinue reading “LAMUM vs. In-House Scripts & Tools”

Zero-Usage Reports

The biggest challenge for CAD/IT administrators is discovering licenses that are under-utilized or have zero-usage over several months. Running a report that shows a number of licenses that have not been used in the last 365 days, is a clear indication that you may want to negotiate a trade-in or even to stop paying maintenance!Continue reading “Zero-Usage Reports”

Mergers, Acquisitions & Staffing Changes: Are You Ready?

Right now is a critical time for many companies to make crucial decisions about acquisitions, mergers and changes in staffing. As organizations are thinking about ways to move forward, it is becoming increasingly important to consider what engineering licenses are needed. How many CAD, EDA, PLM or any other engineering licenses do you currently have?Continue reading “Mergers, Acquisitions & Staffing Changes: Are You Ready?”

6 Benefits of an Effective Engineering License Management System

Here are 6 benefits of an effective engineering license management system: Effectively and efficiently manage all CAD / CAM / CAE / EDA / PLM software license information and keys. Bird’s eye view of software license information, current / historical utilization, trends, license optimization. Reduce maintenance or migration from one license type to another. CustomizeContinue reading “6 Benefits of an Effective Engineering License Management System”

License Server Consolidation & FlexLM License Usage Billing

Are engineering managers complaining that they pay for licenses they don’t use in some regions? How are your cost alignments currently implemented and can a tool like LAMUM bring you greater visibility of engineering software? Let’s talk licensing over geographic boundaries. For example; sharing CAD licenses from one office in the USA to another inContinue reading “License Server Consolidation & FlexLM License Usage Billing”

Optimize Your Remote Engineering Workforce & ROI

Research is forecasting that the “Office Environment” might not come back after the Pandemic. Most of the work force is working from home and this causes plenty of strain on the production process. See article from Pew Research. The ability to talk with a co-worker sitting next you has now turned into email communication andContinue reading “Optimize Your Remote Engineering Workforce & ROI”

Set Up your Remote Workforce for Success

The Pandemic has caused all of us to rethink what can be considered normality. Ensuring your remote workforce is set up for success has become a true necessity. The past year has forced many companies to re-evaluate how the day-to-day operations are being managed with much of the work force working remotely. The insight neededContinue reading “Set Up your Remote Workforce for Success”

Engineering License Management for Solidworks

Are your Solidworks licenses running out of availability? Are there Solidworks licenses that have been checked out for excessive periods of time? SOLIDWORKS, by Dassault Systèmes, is considered the leading mid-range 3D CAD design software, analysis software, and product data management software. Tracking usage across the organization (location, team, etc.) is critical for optimizing licenseContinue reading “Engineering License Management for Solidworks”

Successfully Measuring CAD or PLM Software Adoption

License Optimization for CAD / CAE / Simulation / EDA / Math / PLM software. Throughout my career in digital development technologies, I have often been asked: “How can we get a KPI on the success of our PLM delivery program?” I have also been involved in conversations with VP’s or C-Suite asking exactly the same question,Continue reading “Successfully Measuring CAD or PLM Software Adoption”

Goals & Benchmarks for Engineering License Optimization

How does your team currently monitor and manage the plethora of engineering software (CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, and many other Design, Simulation, Modeling, and Analysis) licenses? What are your goals for 2022? Speaking to many engineering managers, we have come across the following focus areas. Key goals and benchmarks our customers have asked about:Continue reading “Goals & Benchmarks for Engineering License Optimization”