Can License Metrics Help Your Team?

Brien Posey recently published an article about “5 Reasons Software License Tracking Hardens Your Organization” for IT Pro Today. Our team could not agree more. We previously talked about license tracking and how crucial it is for compliance (see here). When new licenses are purchased or renewals negotiated, it is incumbent on the manager toContinue reading “Can License Metrics Help Your Team?”

Are You Ready for the “Great Rehiring”?

Understand your idle license counts to hire more engineers! We have recently noticed many companies talking about the “great rehiring“. This year, many organizations had to think about their engineering staff counts and making sure they use their engineering software to the fullest. Make sure to take a look at our Guide for Right-sizing EngineeringContinue reading “Are You Ready for the “Great Rehiring”?”

Semiconductors, Chip Design, Innovation & Efficiencies

Semiconductor Engineering recently released an article on the topic of “Analog Chip Layout: Creativity Vs. Deadlines.” It talked about the balance of high-end layouts and deadlines. We previously talked about this topic in our previous blog post “Managing Applications throughout the Engineering Product Life-cycle”. There are also many iterations that may be required. Iterations inContinue reading “Semiconductors, Chip Design, Innovation & Efficiencies”

4 Steps to Move from Perpetual to Subscription License Models

It seems like only yesterday that Perpetual licenses were the only method to purchase Engineering Software, paying a maintenance fee annually was the accepted practice. However, the creeping increase in annual maintenance costs, speed of IT transformation and the wider adoption of cloud technologies with continuous software releases have made subscription models more attractive to budget holders. GartnerContinue reading “4 Steps to Move from Perpetual to Subscription License Models”

Ways to Reduce Your Engineering Software Spend

Engineering teams around the world are being forced to re-evaluate just about every aspect of their spend and operations. For those who can ride out the storm, managers have important decisions that need to be made. Read more in article from Business 2 Community. Here are a few considerations: Software Licensing: IT leadership probably doesn’tContinue reading “Ways to Reduce Your Engineering Software Spend”

Impact of Inaccurate Data on Engineering Software License Management

eWEEK DATA POINTS recently reported about the SaaS sprawl, but the same concept applies to engineering license management. Managers need accurate data to: Understand company engineering software license usage Effectively adjust and renew licenses Forecast future usage patterns.  The article also addressed: Impact of too many licenses on overall organization. Inaccurate, reactive and outdated informationContinue reading “Impact of Inaccurate Data on Engineering Software License Management”

Digital Twins & Managing Complex Engineering Software Licenses

Companies are continuing to invest rapidly in new Digital Design, Simulation, Management and Service lifecycle software toolsets to achieve a Digital Twin that suits their needs. Many of these run on FlexLM (or similar) license mechanisms, hence we would like to show you how License Asset Manager with Usage Monitoring can be a great assetContinue reading “Digital Twins & Managing Complex Engineering Software Licenses”

Applying System-Engineering Approach to Your Engineering Software

We have discussed the complexity of product development in our blog before – of how much various software is involved and how different teams use it differently. For example, a recent article in Electronic Design looks at the example of launch vehicle (and the various subsystems). A system-engineering approach helps streamline, achieve more efficiency, greaterContinue reading “Applying System-Engineering Approach to Your Engineering Software”

Zemax Recommends Using TeamEDA to Monitor & Manage License Usage of Their Products

TeamEDA (License asset and monitoring platform for Engineering tools) and Zemax LLC have collaborated over the last couple of months to integrate Zemax OpticStudio, LensMechanix, OpticsBuilder and OpticsViewer licenses into the LAMUM monitoring engine. “Customers may wish to monitor and report on how Zemax licenses are being utilized in their network, including maximum number of licenses used atContinue reading “Zemax Recommends Using TeamEDA to Monitor & Manage License Usage of Their Products”

Robotics & Industrial Automation Industries Growing

Did you know that the industrial and factory automation industry segment is expected to reach $295 billion by 2025? The U.S. Commercial Service, export promotion arm of the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, recently highlighted the demand and development of the industrial and factory automation (Learn more). Here are the key themes: Increasingly moreContinue reading “Robotics & Industrial Automation Industries Growing”