LAMUM vs. In-House Scripts & Tools

For most engineering companies worldwide, the cost of engineering software licenses is the second largest overhead expense they face. Despite the considerable investment spent on these licenses, their management and monitoring is usually done via in-house scripts or tools. Managing engineering software licenses in-house can cost companies tremendous resources, as well as staff hours andContinue reading “LAMUM vs. In-House Scripts & Tools”

Mergers, Acquisitions & Staffing Changes: Are You Ready?

Right now is a critical time for many companies to make crucial decisions about acquisitions, mergers and changes in staffing. As organizations are thinking about ways to move forward, it is becoming increasingly important to consider what engineering licenses are needed. How many CAD, EDA, PLM or any other engineering licenses do you currently have?Continue reading “Mergers, Acquisitions & Staffing Changes: Are You Ready?”

Can License Metrics Help Your Team?

Brien Posey recently published an article about “5 Reasons Software License Tracking Hardens Your Organization” for IT Pro Today. Our team could not agree more. We previously talked about license tracking and how crucial it is for compliance (see here). When new licenses are purchased or renewals negotiated, it is incumbent on the manager toContinue reading “Can License Metrics Help Your Team?”

Can You Improve Planning with Better Engineering License Management?

Companies use progressively more engineering software for their work. Does your company uses multiple products with overlapping features? As we have talked in our blog before, look at all the various engineering software assets your team is using. An engineering license management tool helps companies with better future planning. It is crucial for engineering teamsContinue reading “Can You Improve Planning with Better Engineering License Management?”

3 Ways to Bring More Visibility to Engineering Applications

Many companies are challenged with having a better understanding of how employees are making the most of expensive company resources. Shadow IT is not a new concept (has been here before COVID) and companies have been trying to figure out ways to have more control of the software being used by teams including engineering. LicenseContinue reading “3 Ways to Bring More Visibility to Engineering Applications”

Are You Ready for the “Great Rehiring”?

Understand your idle license counts to hire more engineers! We have recently noticed many companies talking about the “great rehiring“. This year, many organizations had to think about their engineering staff counts and making sure they use their engineering software to the fullest. Make sure to take a look at our Guide for Right-sizing EngineeringContinue reading “Are You Ready for the “Great Rehiring”?”

6 Benefits of an Effective Engineering License Management System

Here are 6 benefits of an effective engineering license management system: Effectively and efficiently manage all CAD / CAM / CAE / EDA / PLM software license information and keys. Bird’s eye view of software license information, current / historical utilization, trends, license optimization. Reduce maintenance or migration from one license type to another. CustomizeContinue reading “6 Benefits of an Effective Engineering License Management System”

License Server Consolidation & FlexLM License Usage Billing

Are engineering managers complaining that they pay for licenses they don’t use in some regions? How are your cost alignments currently implemented and can a tool like LAMUM bring you greater visibility of engineering software? Let’s talk licensing over geographic boundaries. For example; sharing CAD licenses from one office in the USA to another inContinue reading “License Server Consolidation & FlexLM License Usage Billing”

In-Depth: LAM Tabs Explained

Track any of the following data for license inventories by: Vendor information (name, tool, quantity, # seats) Dates (Acquired, renewals and terms) Purchase type (Subscription, Perpetual,….*) Restrictions on use (WAN, LAN, Node,.…*) Costs and associated PO, Req Related contracts and documents Manager / Person Responsible Associated License Manager (port@host, daemon, License / Option / DebugContinue reading “In-Depth: LAM Tabs Explained”

Software Audit Compliance & Types of Licenses

Licensing for engineering software can be node-locked, named-user, or floating (also called concurrent-use). Floating is most popular because licenses can be shared. However, the Vendor puts a restriction on how much sharing can occur. Floating licenses can be WAN (wide area network) or LAN (local area network). WAN can cover a country, a continent, orContinue reading “Software Audit Compliance & Types of Licenses”