License Management Consulting Services

TeamEDA offers world class, professional, on-site consulting and training for license management methodology, data collection, database development, compliance adherence, and best practices for managing engineering software.  We can help you:

  • Establish a state-of the art license management system
  • Determine best mix of licenses
  • Collect data on Vendors, including associated files, contracts, and documents
  • Create a Vendor contact information system
  • Collect data on all shared (concurrent use) Licenses
  • Collect data on all standalone (node-locked, user locked) licenses
  • Identifying required interactive and batch reports
  • Charge back reporting systems
  • Custom monitoring agents
  • LAMUM implementation services - 2-day, 3-day and custom packages

All consulting engagements are defined by mutually agreeable Statement of Work (SOW).

Consulting & Support Team

Guy Haas, President

Guy has 30 years experience in high-technology business and management, principally in Business Engineering (EDA and MDA), and Grid computing software.  He has a BS from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Case Western Reserve. He is also an former Marine Aviator, having served in the Vietnam conflict.  Mr Haas teaches Business Management courses at a local college. He is a musician, Baritone singer in a Barbershop quartet, and is a commercial pilot, scuba diver and avid golfer.

Alfred Brew, Technical Support Manager

Alfred comes to Team EDA from SNHU where he completed his Masters in Information Technology.  He has extensive experience in JAVA/J2EE, MySQL, Windows Server, Linux, AI, Robotics, Networking, Business Intelligence tools, and IT Project Management.  He has been a JAVA Software Engineer and a Senior Systems Administrator.  He is strong in both Windows and Linux platforms.

Jonathan Whorf, Senior Development Manager

Jonathan is an experienced Java programmer working on License Asset Manager and Usage Monitor.  Prior to coming to TeamEDA he has 11+ years as Systems Engineer at Raytheon Company.  Jonathan is experienced in HTML, PHP, C

Niha Bonaboina Developer

Niha comes to us from UNH with a Masters degree in Computer Information Systems, with a high GPA.  Niha brings strong developer and QA skills to the LAMUM program.

Kinnari Dave, Senior Developer

Kinnari comes to us with a strong educational background from DDIT, INDIA. Extensive knowledge of responsive web design, e-commerce integration using PHP, Jquery, CSS3, AJAX, Javascript, and MySQL.

Eric Burke, Sales Engineer

Eric is a Sales Engineer/Account Manager at TeamEDA.  Eric has a BS degree in Business Management from UMass Lowell.  He was highly successful at PC Connection as an Account Manager before coming to TeamEDA.  Eric has a solid track record of providing professional, high-level Customer service.

Scott Nogueira, Consultant

Scott holds a B.S. in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer. Scott has over 20 years experience integrating EDA applications and configuring high availability Unix IT infrastructure for successful ASIC, FPGA, Board and System design. Scott specializes in building robust infrastructure in support of software and hardware design processes and methodology. He is an expert at adding Grid Computing applications to large and small company environments.