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Resource Portal: Terms & Conditions

By logging in to the TeamEDA Resource Portal, users understand and agree to adhere to the below Terms & Conditions governing access and usage of TeamEDA’s Resource Portal resources:

  1. All resources are proprietary information of TeamEDA and intended only for viewing and usage by authorized persons, who have been allocated login credentials by TeamEDA.
  2. Downloading, sharing or distribution and dissemination of resources contained within the TeamEDA Resource Portal, including but not limited to PDFs, videos, infographics and other documentation may not be done without prior written authorization from TeamEDA representatives.
  3. Login credentials for accessing the TeamEDA Resource Portal are for usage exclusively by the person to whom login credentials have been issued via email by TeamEDA. Passwords and usernames to access the TeamEDA Resource Portal will not be shared with any other individual.
  4. If any additional persons within a TeamEDA customer company requires access to the TeamEDA Resource Portal, access will be granted via separate login credentials to be shared by TeamEDA.
  5. TeamEDA, it’s employees, partners and any affiliates bear no responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances which may arise as a result of an authorized customer accessing resources on the TeamEDA Resource Portal.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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