EDACafe Interviews Guy Haas, President TeamEDA

Guy Haas, Founder & President of TeamEDA recently sat down with EDACafe for a short interview to discuss license asset management and TeamEDA’s pioneering work in license organization and optimization. Key excerpts are below.

Tell us about TeamEDA.

TeamEDA has been in business for 16 years and I have about 35 years of experience prior to starting the company. EDA (Electronics Design Automation) can be very expensive and we have built this tool to more effectively manage EDA tools. Since our foundation in EDA, we have also helped many other clients save money on expensive engineering tools including: CAD, CAX, EDA, PLM, Simulation, Analysis and others. Our company has been steadily growing with 25% growth between 2018 and 2019. Our customers renew 98% of the time.

What is license management and license optimization?

It includes keeping track of license inventory, renewal dates, contract dates. We also track usage to help make better informed decisions during renewal times. We typically help organizations save 15-25% on engineering software!

How is EDA different?

Electronics Design Automation is often more expensive than mechanical. On average, companies are spending 300-350k for 100 electrical engineers and 200-250k for mechanical annually. The challenge is the same, how can companies better manage the engineering spend?

Why should companies consider license management?

Mostly to save money and get more efficient usage of the licenses they own. Track Usage of the tools to help you better manage renewals, bill-backs and cross-charging. So you know if you need more or less or a different kind of a specific license. What licenses do you have? Are there tools that are not even being used?

What makes your solution different?

Our solution has been geared towards EDA customers, but we have worked with many different customers. The tool works within a company’s firewalls, either on Windows or Linux server. There are on-demand reports are available, i.e. when users over-checkout licenses. Batch reports are also available.

How does the pricing work?

We offer an annual subscription or perpetual licensing and the pricing depends on the number of engineers.

Could you tell us more about the partner ecosystem?

We have a well-established partner ecosystem and are always looking for new partners to join us. You can learn more in our latest press release.

What is your personal passion outside of work?

I am an avid barbershop singer, enjoy golf and others. Barbershop harmony is beautiful.